Conformity_Antidote_2019-09-07: Obama under water, Gillette down $8B, NRA terrorists, Whoopi rant, ISIS & cow bombs, Harry Potter banned, Fake cop & snacks

• Obama’s mansion and climate change
• Gillette ‘Shifting The Spotlight’ After Losing $8 Billion Amid ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Backlash
• San Francisco officials brand NRA a ‘domestic terrorist organization’
• Eric McCormack and Debra Messing slammed for calling for Trump donors in Hollywood to be outed – Whoopi

• ISIS using booby-trapped bovines to go after enemies in Iraq

• ‘Harry Potter’ books banned from Catholic school because reading spells ‘risk conjuring evil spirits’
• Woman borrows cop’s badge and gun to get some free snacks, and pulls the race card when she’s caught