Conformity Antidote 8-27-18: Current Events, French butchers fighting ‘militant vegans’, California’s ‘permissive’ dress code, San Francisco’s ‘Poop Patrollers’

  • Current Events
    • Reality Winner sentenced to 5 years for leaking classified documents
    • Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer says John Elway violated gag order
      • Was offered contract but turned it down
    • French Open says ‘Non!’ to Serena’s black catsuit
    • Ocasio-Cortez claims solidarity with cab drivers — while campaign buys rides from Uber, other ‘alternatives,’ FEC data show
  • French butchers seek government protection from ‘militant vegans’
  • California school district’s ‘permissive’ dress code welcoming tube tops, ripped jeans and pajamas sparks debate
  • San Francisco’s ‘Poop Patrollers’ cleaning up — the streets